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Framed Photo


Image of Framed Photo

The intention of these framed photos are to enhance any empty space with a simple and small piece of beauty.

Each piece displays an image captured from a paradigm of its own — transporting the viewer to an alternate dimension that might otherwise never be found or noticed and transforming an otherwise blank space.

On the back of each piece, a message is handwritten as a positive reminder, so while visually intriguing and beautiful on its own, the piece goes a step further to evoke a reflection and impression every time it is seen, an inspiration towards positive transformation in the moment, almost as a form of medicine.

Each frame was hand made from scratch out of repurposed materials found on the streets throughout San Francisco as a means to transform what would otherwise be neglected garbage, into something new, beautiful and useful.

While so much of what we consume today is seen as disposable, in truth: the things we "throw away," don't actually go away, but rather into a landfill somewhere else on the earth.

In reality, the widespread social value of unconsciously consuming disposable materials, along with things always needing to be "new," further pollutes our planet that we depend upon to sustain life.

These pieces are also an inspiration to do our best to be conscious of what we use and consume on a daily basis, moment to moment.

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(View each piece in more detail at instagram.com/sightofthebutterfly)